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What is The Actors Works?

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Photography by Ladoza



The Actors Works is a space for actors and performers to continue developing their skills with classes led by me, Claudine Bennent.  I know from my own experience that it's often not enough just to be working on your craft when you're in production.  The Actors Works is where you can come on a regular basis and stretch your technical muscles, as well as work on scenes with other actors, or monologues you love - or even things you might be preparing for auditions.


These classes are for all performers.  You can be a professional, an amateur, a beginner, intermediate or advanced performner.  We help you to to dig deeper and work with others to grow. 




The Actors Works provides you with a supportive environment to build a network.  Networks function as a support system for people in the same industry, offering peer support.  The Actors Works allows real networking.  Many of us have been to networking events where everyone stands around having awkward conversations.  Real networking for performers and other practitioners happens when you work with other people – in rehearsal rooms and workshops or classes, as well as over coffee in the café afterwards.



Many of us as performers have had knocks to our confidence, that can have long lasting effects.  The Actors Work helps you work through your blocks and allows you to love your craft again.

Claudine Bennent

I am a South African Sheffield-based performer, theatre-maker and teacher.  I have trained, performed and taught in South Africa, Japan and the UK.  I have diverse and rigorous training and experience, I have helped others achieve excellence - in a wide range of challenging contexts.  I have 17 years of teaching experience.  I have worked in a variety of environments and communities from one-on-one vocal coaching and production consultation, to leading classes of 150 Japanese primary school children or facilitating AIDS education to South African miners. 

As a performer and theatre-maker, I have worked in theatre, film, TV, education, stand-up comedy and improv, across three different continents. 

You can find more information about my background and work in performance and teaching at my website:

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Photography by Ladoza

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